John S. Morse, PE is a consulting company owned and operated by John Morse, a licensed professional engineer.  The company provides services in the areas of product design and testing, failure analysis and accident reconstruction.

Product design and testing
Dr. Morse has extensive experience in product design and testing, covering products as widely varied as stepladders, extension ladders, roof trusses, carbon monoxide monitors, curtainwalls, light fixtures and fabric for hurricane shutters.

Failure analysis and accident reconstruction
Dr. Morse has performed hundreds of failure analyses and root cause studies of failed parts and personal injury accidents involving a wide variety of equipment and products, for attorneys, insurance adjusters and equipment owners. Dr. Morse has testified as an expert witness in personal injury accidents involving ladders and climbing equipment, shopping carts and many other products and pieces of equipment.

Dr. Morse holds a BS in mechanical engineering from John Brown University and a PhD in mechanical engineering from Louisiana State University. He holds one patent, for a carbon monoxide detector, and has published extensively. He has published three papers on ladder safety, a paper on prevention through design and one magazine article on hazard evaluation He has also published papers on why codes and standards fail and on engineering disasters. Dr. Morse is among a small number of ladder experts with publications on preventing ladder accidents. Dr. Morse has appeared on three nationally televised news magazines to discuss shopping cart safety and preventing shopping cart accidents.


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Stepstool, telescoping ladder and articulated ladder
1500-pound-rated ATV jack
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